Fire Proof Safe BST500

Model: (BST500)
Status: Unavailable
Brand: BOOIL کره جنوبی
Fire Proof Safe BST500

Protect the valuable things against fire & burglary with effect.
It can use at home, office, school, hospital, and various kinds of places at their use. 
It has different certifications for its quality.
It could install various kinds of Locks (key, combination dial lock & digital lock) according to the needs of the customer.

- Available with key or combination dial lock or digital lock
- May enter individual passwords as safes for hotel rooms that they are convenient to use without
  separate keys. They are customized safes for the digital era. 

Fire resistant safe equipped with digital combination and key lock.

  • External Dimensions (H*W*D)(mm): 500x350x425

  • Inside Dimensions (H*W*D) (mm): 381x236x306

  • Capacity (L): 27.51

  • Drawer: 1pc

  • Weight: 57kg

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