Anti theft Box 845w

Model: (BF-B845W)
Status: Available
Brand: BOOIL کره جنوبی
Anti  theft  Box 845w

BIS Safes are fast becoming a top brand name in the safe-guarding of essential documents and valuables in homes and offices.
It can use at Home, Offices, Schools, Hospitals and various places to effectively protect the valuable things against fire and burglary.
It has many certifications for its quality.
It could install various kinds of locks ( Key, Combination Dial Lock and Digital Lock) depending on the needs of the customer
They are available in a range of models and colors to suit individual needs and requirements.

- Enables the user to have five (5) personal passwords
- Can encode 16 digits for each password
- Can delete the password on the LCD window
- Can hide the password on the LCD window
- Can check user log
- Will sleep for three minutes in case the wrong password is put in.
- Alarm system (Optional)
- An adaptor is available in case of battery discharge

Protects valuable things against fire and burglary.

Available with Key or Combination Dial Lock or Digital Lock

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