Refrigeration Cabinet 2000bpBNR Mechanical Code

Model: (2000 BNR)
Status: Unavailable
Brand: گاوصندوق کاوه

There is always a risk of fire and theft for documents and documents in the office. To this end, products are designed and manufactured to address such problems. Archive cabinets are manufactured in two categories that meet the needs of these customers, despite the large amount of space and functionality available to the customer. Refractory archive cabinets are products that have commercial and administrative applications. The product uses a two-layer steel structure and a 5cm thick rock wool, which is a fireproof insulator and fully covers a silicone strip between the door and the body. It makes the contents inside the box safe from fire. Wardrobe door systems are similar to safes and have acceptable safety. The large amount of space these products have is filled with the number of floors to fit their dimensions to give the consumer a functional space.

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